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Adrian is actively involved in the state (South Carolina) Water Environmental Association, where he has served as a state officer, and has spoken on numerous occasions on wastewater issues in our state.


Adrian, a 1987 graduate of The Citadel with a degree in Civil Engineering, is a registered Civil Engineer for the state of South Carolina (License # 27434).


Adrian Williams


Adrian Williams is the founder and president of Atlantic South, LLC. He was the former Director of Wastewater Utilities for the Charleston Commissioners of Public Works where he managed a staff of 65 people. He was responsible for the operation and maintenance of a collaboration system that served over 4,000 customer. He was responsible for overseeing the capital improvements of the collection system and was instrumental on the design team for the replacements of approximately 18,300 linear feet of collection system tunnel that runs under the peninsula of Charleston.


Prior to becoming the Director of Wastewater Collection at the Charleston CPW, Mr. Williams was the Director of the Orangeburg Department of public Utilities, where he managed a staff of 22 people and was responsible for the operation and maintenance of a 6 MGD plant and a collection system that served over 9,000 customers. His career began as a new graduate from the Citadel 32 years ago as a water and wastewater Project Engineer for the Charleston CPW for 7 years where he designed water distribution systems and wastewater collection system; which included design and rehab of piping and pump stations: and did minor engineering designs for the water and wastewater treatment plants; which included piping rehab and design, and the design of chlorine scrubbers.